If race day is the celebration, then the journey to the start-line is often the real achievement. If you’ve been inspired by seeing the world’s best compete through the lava fields of Hawaii’s Big Island, and are now looking to make your own big step up to iron distance, then we’re here to help. Being super streamlined isn’t going to matter if you can’t hold a tucked position or you’re unable to then run a marathon because you’re too stiff. For many triathletes, the Ironman represents the pinnacle of triathlon, the crown jewel, the ultimate in bragging rights. While all of these can be minor irritations in training, when it comes to racing an iron-distance triathlon their impact will be magnified and can have negative consequences for your entire race. If you have to go to the bathroom, just go. Perfect when training for your first Ironman® triathlon! I am so glad it was not the race. It doesn’t have to be overcomplicated, but having structure in place for your training that means you swim, bike and run every week, will give you the No. Think flights, insurance, bike boxes, a spare derailleur hanger, hotels… Then put your feet up in compression socks, knowing it’s all done. But plan some big swim, bike, run simulation days, ideally on similar terrain to your race, and use the same nutrition you will for race-day. If you’re a strong swimmer, you may not care, but if you’re like most first time Ironman® athletes and the swim is your source of anxiety, check previous years temperatures to see what you might be dealing with. Sophie is a 33 years old teacher from The Dandenong Ranges, near Melbourne, Australia. But deciding where you want to make your debut is just the start. But you could also have process goals. 25 Complete a simulation. Inclement weather can impact your race, more often than not, the swim. But they can also provide time-efficient training – and cut down the number of showers you take! Give yourself time to relax and recover, so you reach the start-line raring to go. If the weather/water conditions are bad enough, you could have a race with no swim, a shortened bike, or some other type of alteration. For a double iron distance triathlon stop weight training 10 days before. It is far better to start out more conservatively than the other way around. Triathletes preparing for their first triathlon race day are always looking for experienced insight into what makes a successful and anxiety free race day. Be slow and finish strong!!! While Ironman is a solo pursuit come race day, it doesn’t have to be in the build-up. It’s easy to get carried away when your clubmates start planning a trip to a big IM race for … People become obsessed with wetsuit conditions simply because swimming in a wetsuit is faster than swimming without one. While it can be great for connecting, celebrating, picking up tips and being held accountable (see point 5), social media should also be handled with caution. Don’t compromise your plans completely, but don’t worry if you’re training has to flex a little to fit in with others. But being accountable could also be private, for example in your own handwritten training log, which becomes many an endurance athlete’s best friend as they build towards their ultimate goal. A Half Ironman covers a shorter distance. Here are 5 Ironman special needs bag tips and tricks for your first triathlon race that can inspire confidence, reduce your anxiety, and help you feel like an experienced age grouper on your first race day. Some on flat land, others on ski resorts. Having swum 3.8km and cycled 180km, run form is unlikely to be technically perfect, but the more you can include strength and conditioning and flexibility work into your training, the more it’ll benefit you come race-day. A few more Ironman 70.3 race tips for first-time triathletes Body glide is your friend #1 - Body glide is your friend - make sure you have Body Glide for the back of your neck, arms, nipples, armpits, and legs to prevent chafing. Finish in 12 hours. Do not use new technology for the first time in an event. Whether you’re sticking with a road bike or switching to a TT bike, seeing an experienced and trusted bike fitter could be money well spent. Participants must swim for 2.4 miles, ride a bike for 112 miles and run a 26.2-mile long marathon. My tips below are what myself and others have learnt. It’s also worth noting that if you live in a place like Colorado, a race like Ironman® Florida isn’t by default an ‘easier’ option. For the second Half marathon, add in a long bike ride the day before, maybe two and a half to four hours. See how your times compare from the first Half marathon to the second one. Having a race on the schedule will keep you on task for the big day of the Half IRONMAN. Not good for a happy mind, and therefore not good for happy training or racing. The Ironman. Experts share their tips to help you conquer your first triathlon with confidence. Related: What I learned in my first 70.3 If you’re struggling with your swim or fearful of the long run, for example, prioritise these sessions in training, ring-fencing the time to dedicate to them before adding on your go-to activities. How long does it take to train for an Ironman? If you do end up having to defer your A-race, you’ll still have banked some excellent results along the way. More often it’s because of tight hips or lower back, or weak glutes. Here are some of the top considerations when figuring out where you’d like to exercise for 17 hours race. The Best Hiking Around Baltimore.. Is In Virginia. Keep moving forward. The sooner you start, the better. One short, you’ll be DSQ’d. It’s now yours, and you’re going to make the choice to train well, and race even better. Take as much control over the days leading up to your race as you can – trust me, you’ll want it. Don’t try and play catch-up, just move gently forward knowing consistency over a long period is key. Any hotter than that, and you ‘can’ wear a wetsuit – but typically you’d forfeit your ability to qualify for Kona or 70.3® World Championships, place awards, etc. Florida (and Maryland, and others that are really flat) require 112 miles of constant pedaling. Find something you can drive to in 1 sitting (~5-7 hours max). The Run Running Shoes. Sign in to manage your newsletter preferences. Leaning too much on tech can also mean you’re not tuned in to your own body to learn what it feels like to push an intensity that will help you correctly pace a 226km race. 2.) Most triathletes lose the biggest chunk of time in the second-half of the marathon – forget any expectation that you might negative-split it on the first go! figure out what’s roughly a year from “now” and check the Ironman® schedule, or B.) Furthermore, research what’ll be provided on-course in case you want to rely on this… or hit a pothole and spill all your own grub. It should be considered – but not the only determining factor. Ironman triathletes will always perform better if they’re fresh and not overcooked, so cramming training right up to the event in the hope of gaining fitness rarely pays off. Have a Positive (and Flexible) Goal. For Sophie Anna Mebalds, it took a year to get ready and 11 hours 29 minutes to complete one of the toughest endurance races in the world: the Ironman triathlon. One of the most common questions asked in an Ironman® facebook group or race specific forum is “what’s the water temperature?”. And while we can’t guarantee you’ll be swimming like Lucy Charles-Barclay, biking like Jan Frodeno or running like Anne Haug, we can provide the knowledge you’ll need to help make your first full iron-distance race an enjoyable success. Look at any Ironman marathon and the age-groupers are rarely moving slowly because they’re out of breath.

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