This also includes ambient drops, which are no longer voided. Add Wots4 to your favourites or Visit On Facebook and add there. 7-The losing contestant after rounds 2 and 3 still takes home the money they have accumulated for their chosen charity. The Double Counters Are Not Present In Celebrity Specials. 4-There Is A Live Studio Audience Rather Than A Audience With Canned Laughter. Tipping Point sees contestants from all parts of the country join in to try and answer a general knowledge questions in the hope of winning a cash prize. A contestant can opt to answer the question themselves or, if they feel they don't know the answer, can pass it to their opponent. The contestant is given six categories of questions and can answer the questions in any order. Three are present in the machine—two on the upper shelf, and one on the lower—at the start of the game. From Series 5 To 7 the double counters Were not included with the jackpot so even if they dropped at the same time, the jackpot counter Was not doubled. In the final round, the winning contestant is given a jackpot counter (a larger silver-coloured counter with a red star), which is dropped into the machine. Instead Of In It's Usual 4.00 P.M. Slot Because Of It Being The May Day Bank Holiday And Other Programmed Pushed It Back By 30 Minutes. If the contestant decides to trade everything that they’ve earned, they can do so for 3 last counters. No Repeat On Wednesday 13 July 2016 Because Of A ITV News Bulletin Special As ITV Aired A Special To Cover The Inauguration Of The New British Prime Minister Theresa May Which Was Aired In It's Place At 4.00 P.M. Their money is then set to £0 and nothing else in the machine will have any value. 3-All of the counters (including the Jackpot counter) are worth double their value. As before, If any contestants are tied for last place or all contestants are tied for the lead, a sudden death question is asked to determine which contestant is eliminated. Tipping Point is a British television game show which began airing on ITV on 2 July 2012, and is presented by Ben Shephard. No Episodes Were Aired From Tuesday 14 March 2017 To Friday 17 March 2017 Because Of The Horse Racing As ITV Showed Live Coverage Of The Cheltenham Festival In It's Place. Not scheduled. The 6 April 2015 Episode Was Aired At 4.30 P.M. The 2 January 2017 Episode Was Aired At The Later Time Of 4.45 P.M. The Show Moved Back To It's Usual 4.00 P.M. Slot On 30 March 2015. In Round 2, whoever is in the lead of the three remaining contestants (or if there is a tie, whoever was first to give a correct answer) decides the order of play. Margaret won £2650 and a spa break during Friday’s episode of the game show He had his summer shirt on already (lol). Counters are worth £50 each (£100 In Celebrity Specials), and the contestant can drop them into their choice of four drop zones, hoping to push piles of other counters off a pair of shelves. 1-2 July 2012 27 July 2012 20 Series 1 was aired at 5.00 P.M. rather than 4.00 P.M. because it was a fill-in show for The Chase when it went off for its summer break. Breaking News, Latest News and Current News from 7 2 January 2017 10 November 2017 150 Series 7 Took A Break From Monday 2 June 2017-Friday 1 September 2017. on the same afternoon. If the contestants are tied, a sudden death question is asked to determine a winner. If A Contestant fails to get any money an undisclosed donation is made to their chosen charity. Tipping Point viewers found it rather difficult to concentrate on the gameshow this afternoon.. The more coins that are subsequently pushed onto a lower red zone (referred to by Shephard as the "win zone"), the more he or she collects and the greater the eventual prize fund. The Celebrity Specials Feature Some Changes From Regular Episodes, 1-There Are Only Three Contestants Rather Than Four, 2-Each Contestant Is Playing For A Nominated Charity. One question many viewers could answer is Tipping Point, Kate most attractive female contestant ? A "ghost drop" occurs when the counter placed into the machine slides close enough to the guide that the sliding action wrings the air out from between the counter and guide causing it to stick and stop moving for a very short period of time. Ben Shephard hosts the quiz show in which four players take on an extraordinary machine in the hope of winning it's 10,000 pound jackpot. not now. amazon_ad_tag = "wots4ucom-21"; amazon_ad_width = "300"; amazon_ad_height = "250";//-->. Don't forget you can catch up on Tipping Point on ITV player and STV player. The other replacement at 5.00 P.M. following this was Don't Blow The Inheritance. Tipping Point viewers could not believe it when Ben Shephard asked the most ironic question ever on the show. An easy question is worth one counter, a medium question worth two or a hard question worth three. Breaking news and video. The Show's Second Long Summer Break Was Because Of ITV Showing Live Coverage Of The FIFA World Cup As They Would Have Had To Keep Taking The Program Off. If the contestant answers correctly, they must choose either to play one of their own counters if they feel the machine will pay out or, if they feel the machine won't, may instead nominate an opponent, forcing them to use one of their own counters. The official page for the ITV and STV Game Show hosted by Ben Shephard.