"I was thinking about the concept of an eternal love, one that transcends the borders of death," he said. 2015-06-07T06:50:14Z Comment by TriPPiNvdUb. Browse more videos. Don't Fear the Reaper COWBELL!!!!! Eric also played guitar, but had that kind of chronos-symbol guitar in those days IIRC. no definition. You be the judge), changing personnel, or creating afresh while remembering the roots. In April of 2000, Saturday Night Live aired one of the few truly classic sketches outside of the 1970s and 80s. Joe: "LOLLERSKATES!" Here's the sheet music for Cowbell from "Don't Fear The Reaper"-- a Blue Oyster Cult classic! He played the cowbell on that track, nobody was there. ... (Don't Fear) The Reaper" is one of only three songs they've put on the charts in the 40-plus years they've been rockin' together. Intro : Dont fear the Reaper : Long. how did he get the cowbell out lol <<